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    2021-03-22 16:12:59| 來源:河北中公教育

    Section I Use of English


    Read the following text. Choose the best word (s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

    Fluid intelligence is the type of intelligence that has to do with short-term memory and the ability to think quickly, logically, and abstractly in order to solve new problems. It  1   in young adulthood, levels out for a period of time, and then  2   starts to slowly decline as we age. But 3   aging is inevitable, scientists are finding out that certain changes in brain function may not be.

    One study found that muscle loss and the  4   of body fat around the abdomen are associated with a decline in fluid intelligence. This suggests the  5   that lifestyle factors might help prevent or  6   this type of decline.

    The researchers looked at data that  7   measurements of lean muscle and abdominal fat from more than 4,000 middle-to-older-aged men and women and  8   that data to reported changes in fluid intelligence over a six-year period. They found that middle-aged people  9   higher measures of abdominal fat  10   worse on measures of fluid intelligence as the years  11  .

    For women, the association may be  12   to changes in immunity that resulted from excess abdominal fat; in men, the immune system did not appear to be  13  . It is hoped that future studies could  14   these differences and perhaps lead to different  15   for men and women.

    16  , there are steps you can  17   to help reduce abdominal fat and maintain lean muscle mass as you age in order to protect both your physical and mental  18  . The two highly recommended lifestyle approaches are maintaining or increasing your  19   of aerobic exercise and following Mediterranean-style  20   that is high in fiber and eliminates highly processed foods.

    1. [A] pauses                    [B] returns                      [C] peaks                         [D] fades

    2. [A] alternatively            [B]formally                       [C]accidentally                [D] generally

    3. [A] while                       [B] since                          [C] once                          [D] until

    4. [A] detection                [B] accumulation              [C] consumption             [D] separation

    5. [A] possibility               [B] decision                      [C] goal                           [D] requirement

    6. [A] delay                      [B] ensure                        [C] seek                          [D] utilize

    7. [A] modified                 [B] supported                   [C] included                    [D] predicted

    8. [A] devoted                  [B] compared                   [C] converted                  [D] applied

    9. [A] with                        [B] above                          [C] by                              [D] against

    10. [A] lived                     [B] managed                     [C] scored                      [D] played

    11. [A] ran out                  [B] set off                          [C] drew in                     [D] went by

    12. [A] superior                [B] attributable                  [C] parallel                     [D] resistant

    13. [A] restored               [B] isolated                        [C] involved                    [D] controlled

    14. [A] alter                     [B] spread                         [C] remove                     [D] explain

    15. [A] compensations    [B] symptoms                    [C] demands                  [D] treatments

    16. [A] Likewise              [B] Meanwhile                   [C] Therefore                  [D] Instead

    17. [A] change                [B] watch                           [C] count                         [D] take

    18. [A] well-being           [B] process                         [C] formation                  [D] coordination

    19. [A] level                    [B] love                               [C] knowledge                [D] space

    20. [A] design                 [B] routine                          [C] diet                            [D] prescription

    1. 【答案】C(peaks)

    【解析】邏輯關系題。and then提示順承,借助slowly decline(慢慢下降)可知,C項peaks(達到最高點)符合原文邏輯關系,即流動智力在成年早期達到峰值,之后很長一段時間趨于穩定,之后隨著年齡增長,慢慢下降。本題答案為C項。


    2. 【答案】D(generally)



    3. 【答案】A(while)

    【解析】邏輯關系題。觀察選項可知,本題考查句內邏輯關系,比較aging is inevitable和scientists are finding out that … may not be可知,inevitable和may not be提示語義相反,即“衰老不可避免”,與“科學家們發現大腦功能的某些變化可能并非不可避免”二者語義相反。A項while(盡管)提示讓步,符合原文邏輯關系。本題答案為A項。


    4. 【答案】B(accumulation)

    【解析】邏輯關系題。and提示并列,muscle loss和the  4   of body fat around the abdomen(腹部脂肪的  4  )互相并列,借助muscle loss(肌肉流失)可知,B項accumulation(積累)符合原文邏輯關系,即,肌肉流失和腹部脂肪堆積。本題答案為B項。


    5. 【答案】A(possibility)


    6. 【答案】A(delay)



    7. 【答案】C(included)

    【解析】語境題。本題考查連接data(數據)和measurements(測量結果)的動詞詞義。比較各選項語義,A項modified(修改),B項supported(支持),C項included(包括)和D項predicted(預 測),可知C項included符合原文語義,即研究人員查看了包括4,000多名中老年男性和女性瘦肌肉群和腹部脂肪測量結果的數據。本題答案為C項。

    8. 【答案】B(compared)

    【解析】邏輯關系題。and提示并列,looked at data和  8   that data to reported changes互相并列,借助looked at(查看)可知,B項compared(比較)符合原文邏輯關系,且能與介詞to構成固定搭配,compare … to…(將……與……相比)。本題答案為B項。

    干擾選項:其余各項與介詞to構成固定搭配,A項devoted … to…(把……用于),C項converted … to…(把……轉化為……),D項applied … to…(把……應用于……),均不符合原文邏輯關系。

    9. 【答案】A(with)

    【解析】固定搭配題。觀察選項可知,本題考查介詞用法。比較各選項,A項with(帶有……),B項above(在……上面),C項by(通過……)和D項against(與……相反),可知,A項with連接higher measures of abdominal fat,作后置定語修飾people,符合原文語義,即,有著更高腹部脂肪的中年人。本題答案為A項。

    10. 【答案】C(scored)


    11. 【答案】D(went by)

    【解析】固定搭配題。借助as the years(隨著年歲……),并比較各選項語義,A項ran out(用完),B項set off(出發),C項drew in(引誘)和D項went by(時間逝去),可知,D項went by符合原文語義。本題答案為D項。

    12. 【答案】B(attributable)

    【解析】語境題。結合resulted from excess abdominal fat(腹部脂肪過多所致),并比較各選項與介詞to構成的搭配,A項superior to(比……好的),B項attributable to(可歸因于……),C項parallel to(與……平行的)和D項resistant to(不受……損害的),可知,B項attributable符合原文語義,即,對于女性來說,這種關聯(腹部脂肪越高,流動智力方面的得分越低)可能要歸因于腹部脂肪過多所致的免疫力變化。本題答案為B項。

    13. 【答案】C(involved)

    【解析】邏輯關系題。For women與in men提示對比關系,借助the association may be  12   to changes in immunity(這種關聯可能  12  免疫力變化)可知,C項involved(使成為必然部分,與be連用時,可理解為“與……有關”)符合原文語義,即,對男性來說,(這種關聯)似乎與免疫系統無關;且符合原文邏輯。本題答案為C項。


    14. 【答案】D(explain)

    【解析】語境題。本題考查連接future studies和these differences的動詞語義,而these differences是指上句中男性和女性的流動智力得分,與腹部脂肪堆積所致的免疫力變化有關與無關的區別?,F有研究只發現了這種區別,而背后的原因,只能寄希望于未來相關研究。D項explain(解釋)符合原文語義,即,希望未來研究能解釋這些區別。本題答案為D項。


    15. 【答案】D(treatments)

    【解析】語境題。借助lead to different  15   for men and women(促成針對女性和男性的不同  15  ),并結合these differences所指的免疫力與流體智力間二者間的關聯在男性和女性中體現不同,可知,D項treatments(療法)符合原文語義,即,或許會促成針對女性和男性的不同療法。本題答案為D項。


    16. 【答案】B(Meanwhile)



    17. 【答案】D(take)

    【解析】固定搭配題。take steps(采取措施)為固定搭配,且符合原文語義,即,您可以采取一些措施來幫助減少腹部脂肪并保持瘦肌肉群。本題答案為D項。


    18. 【答案】A(well-being)

    【解析】語境題。由protect both your physical and mental …(保護您身體和心理的……)可知,A項well-being(健康)符合原文語義,即,為了保護您的身心健康。本題答案為A項。


    19. 【答案】A(level)

    【解析】語境題。結合aerobic exercise(有氧運動),并比較各選項,A項level(水平),B項love(熱愛),C項knowledge(知識)和D項space(空間),可知,A項符合原文語義,即,維持或提高有氧運動水平。本題答案為A項。

    20. 【答案】C(diet)

    【解析】邏輯關系題。and提示并列,借助exercise(鍛煉),并結合空格后high in fiber(高纖維)和eliminates highly processed foods(去除高度加工的食品),可知,C項diet(日常飲食)符合原文邏輯,即,兩種強烈推薦的生活方式分別為:維持或提高有氧運動水平,以及遵循高纖維、去除高度加工食品的地中海式飲食習慣。本題答案為C項。





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